​Adoption Information
Every puppy comes with a FREE AKC Puppy Protection Package! This package is valued at $217.
​But we feel it is very important for the puppy to have this coverage.
​The AKC Puppy Protection Package includes everything listed below:
- AKC Registration (you choose a unique name for your puppy.)
- AKC Puppy Care and Training DVD (this is an excellent resource!)
- AKC Good Dog! Helpline (lifetime live phone support from AKC trainers
- AKC Reunite Microchip Enrollment & Lifetime pet recovery services (microchip is already implanted)
- AKC New Puppy Handbook
- AKC Family Dog Magazine – 1 year subscription
- AKC Veterinary Network – Complementary first Vet visit with a participation veterinarian.
- AKC Pet Health Care Plan – Complementary 60 day Free Trial.

All of these services are provided at NO cost to you, J​​ust return the requested information back to AKC once it arrives in your mailbox.

 Every puppy comes with a FREE R Texas Star Puppy Package. This package is valued at $125
The R Texas Star Puppy Protection package comes with everything listed below:​
​-  First DHPP  Vaccine  (Distemper, Hepatitis (Adenovirus type 2), Parainfluenza, & Parvovirus) given between 6 to 8 weeks
- ​
Heartgard Plus heartworm preventative given between 6 - 8 weeks 
- Frontline Plus or Advantix II Flea preventative given at 8 weeks 
​- Puppy Bed or Blanket
-One or Two Toys
​- Matching leash​ & harness 
-  Free Puppy Grooming for local families at R Texas Star Grooming
- A $10 gift certificate from Puppy Love
​- Small sample bottle of Shampoo 
- Bows or a bandana
- Email copies of  AKC 5 Generation Pedigrees of both parents or grandparents 

​- Litter Box and Litter available. Must be pre-ordered 2 weeks prior to pick up

Every puppy comes with a FREE Blue Buffalo  Puppy Kit  & 
PetSmart Puppy Coupon Book ​


We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold any available puppy. If you do not see an available puppy of your choosing and wish to reserve a position on our wait list. We require a $250 non-refundable deposit to reserve your pick.  Click here to view see our Waitlist Form. Once  puppies are born and you make your pick an additional $250 will be due within 5 days. All Puppies that are over 8 weeks of age & are ready to be picked up must be picked up immediately & have payment paid in full.  If you are not able to take possession of the puppy (8 weeks or older) right away, We will only hold your puppy for up to one week, after which time we will start charging a boarding fee of $10 per day, plus any medication, but payment must be made in full at time you put a deposit down. There  is no exception.  Please do not ask us to hold a puppy for you for longer than 2 weeks as that is not fair to the puppy as it needs to bond with its new family. In the event that you cannot complete the purchase of the puppy, the deposit will be held and you may apply it to a future puppy, you will have 1 year to utilize the deposit, after which time your deposit will be forfeited.​

We accept checks for deposits which can be sent by postal mail,  but​ we MUST have a tracking number in order to hold a puppy. ​​We will only wait ​5 days for the payment to arrive, after which time the​ puppy will be re-listed. We also ​accept  credit card & PayPal payments f
or immediate credit.  The remaining balance due may be paid  in cash, credit card or PayPal prior to or at pick up. NO Checks at Pick Up! 

  • Full payment of a purchased puppy constitutes agreement to this contract/guarantee.
  • ​Our puppies are sold with a 7 day guarantee against communicable diseases that are life threatening,  ​this guarantee starts on the day of arrival to the purchaser.
  • Our puppies are guaranteed for one year against congenital or genetic defect resulting in the death of the puppy.
  • No other conditions are covered.
  • This guarantee is non-transferable.
  • All veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will not be paid by the breeder. As soon as the puppy is delivered all care expenses become the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • All sales are final and no cash refunds will be issued, Breeder offers replacement puppy only.
  • Purchaser is responsible for paying for any and all diagnostic tests, or necropsy in the event of illness or death of puppy. A necropsy by a licensed veterinarian will need to be performed to make a claim of death, results will be forwarded to the Breeder, and the Breeders Veterinarian for examination before replacement puppy is sent. Breeder’s veterinarian reserves the right to have consultation with Purchasers veterinarian if necessary. 
  • All registration papers must be signed and sent back to Breeder before replacement puppy is sent. Replacement puppy will be the same value as the original purchased puppy.
  • No guarantees are made as to the size, color, conformation, temperament, training ability, or breeding ability of the puppy.
  • Puppies are sold with limited AKC registration, unless otherwise noted and discussed, Full registration is granted on a case by case basis if we feel it is in the best interest of the puppy, for a breeding/showing fee. Price for a 2017 puppy with FULL REGISTRATION is $2000
  • Puppies are not guaranteed to win any titles whether they are show or pet quality
  • Guarantee is null and void if puppy is bred before its first birthday. 
  • No puppies will be released until full payment has been cleared.
  • Puppies will be transported to purchaser after they are 8 weeks of age. Transportation dates are dependent upon temperatures, and flight routing schedules. Breeder will transport puppy at the first available opportunity. 
  • Puppies are immune compromised so please keep your puppy away from public places until you have received permission from your veterinarian that it is safe to do so. Breeder cannot guarantee a healthy puppy when it is exposed to outside disease contracted from the pet parks or retail stores.

A deposit waitlist/puppy request form must be signed and returned to us, when the deposit is paid. The signed deposit waitlist/puppy request form may be emailed, or mailed to us at

​R Texas Star Shih Tzus ♥ 1556 CR 1220, Warren, TX. 77664 ♥ (409) 659-9639 ♥

​Email: rtexasstarshihtzus@gmail.com

The cost for shipping a puppy is a flat rate of $350. Price includes airline ticket,  airline approved shipping crate, food and water bowls, & the Vet Health Certificate. We have shipped many puppies by way of airplane. We only use one airline, and that is United, as they offer a VIP flight for puppies. We make all the arrangements and let you know when the puppy will arrive.

We feed Blue Buffalo Small Breed Puppy
 We suggest you start your puppy out on at least one small bag of this feed
​before making any changes to their diet, this will help avoid stomach upset in an
​already stressful situation. Our puppies are raised so that they have feed available at
all times. This eliminates the risk of Hypoglycemia. 
I recommend that you purchase
​a tube of Nutri-Cal (available at most pet supplies and vet offices) prior to bringing
​your new puppy home. Giving Nutri-Cal morning and night helps  Shih Tzu puppies
​maintain sugar level during this adjustment period, thus helping control hypoglycemia.
Click here to learn more about Hypoglycemia.​​​​​

We house train all our puppies using Dog Litter. It is highly absorbent, non-toxic,
​​paper-based pellets, Odor controlling, Non-tracking, non-staining, & Stress ​reducing
​for dog and owner by providing relief to pets who can’t’ go out ​during the day.
​By the time your puppy goes home they will be using the ​litter box and off to a
good start with house training. 
You may purchase these items at either ​PetsMart & Petco,
Click on  picture to purchase litter box or litter 

​​​All our puppies are pre-spoiled and extremely well socialized.  ​They are raised in our home with our family so they are used to every day noises and life around the home. We believe in serious time socializing our puppies and do many things to ensure they are well socialized before leaving our home. Much time goes into preparing them for their future homes. A well socialized puppy makes a well adjusted, wonderful companion for life. You also will receive a lifetime of support from me.​ I encourage you to contact me for any questions you may have in regard to your puppy. ​Both parents and some grandparents are on premises. Please call to schedule a visit.

As a quality breeder, my highest priority is the health of ​the
​dogs I breed. Part of that responsibility includes doing ​everything
​possible to assure their wellbeing after they go to a new home.

While all quality dog foods will provide everything needed to
​ sustain life, virtually all of them are cooked during the
​manufacturing process. The heat from cooking causes much of
​ the nutrients to be lost during the process. NuVet Plus is cold
​ processed allowing all of the benefits of its rich nutrients to be
​ retained, giving your new puppy an extra layer of protection,
​ especially during the most critical first year of life.

Additionally, when puppies nurse, they rely on their mother’s colostrum (highly nutritious milk produced right after birth) for the antibodies they need to fight infection. However, the maternal antibodies’ effectiveness declines as the puppy’s immune system begins to mature. By 8 weeks, your puppy’s immune system is at a vulnerable point and will soon be challenged on multiple fronts.

When a puppy is moved away from its mother and siblings to live with its new family, the immune system is weakened by the stress of adoption and exposure to bacteria and viruses in its new home. These are pathogens for which the puppy’s body has not yet developed antibodies, and it is widely recognized that the immune system is less effective in times of stress. So starting NuVet Plus now is important to helping your puppy grow into a healthy adult.

The vaccine series is also started during this time period. Vaccines are only effective if the immune system can respond properly. If the immune system is distracted by combating an actual disease processor and it does not receive the nutrients required to keep it strong during times of stress, the health of the puppy is at risk. The best way to prevent illness during this critical time is to provide the nutritional support required for proper immune system function.

About NuVet Plus -

NuVet Plus is a synergistic combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals known to boost immune system function. All of NuVet Labs’ ingredients are sourced in the United States, manufactured in a human-grade U.S. FDA registered pharmaceutical laboratory, and cold processed to maximize the potency of the nutrients. NuVet Labs has been in business since 1997 and has never had a product recall. By including NuVet Plus® into your puppy’s daily diet, you can be confident that you are providing the nutrients required for optimal immune system performance

We try to make everything as easy as possible when purchasing an ​R Texas Star Puppy.
To many people, buying a puppy off the internet is a bit unnerving.
​We understand this completely and we welcome you to ask any questions.
​We hope this page will answer some of those questions for you
​ and ​ make you feel more at ease ​with the transaction.

​​R Texas Star Shih Tzus ♥ 1556 CR 1220, Warren, TX. 77664 ♥ (409) 659-9639 ♥ Email