Basic care and observation is very important during first weeks with your new

I recommend  that you purchase a tube of Nutri-Cal (available at most pet supplies and vet offices) prior to bringing your new puppy home. Giving Nutri-Cal morning and night helps SHIH TZU PUPPIES maintain sugar level during this adjustment period, thus helping control hypoglycemia.

Watch carefully for signs of hypoglycemia (this happens when sugar level drops), and may be caused by stress from being in new environment, too much excitment, and/or not eating properly. Signs of hypoglycemia are: Staggering, vacant stare, sleeping , lethargy, shaking head in an unnatural way (actually kinda rolling the neck) Also the gums will be very pale white or blue. Should this occur, quick and calm action is required IMMEDIATELY! If you have Nutri-Cal give it to puppy, if not ,use honey, clear karo syrup, rubbing on the tougue and gums. If neither is available, use plain white sugar. Continue with small amounts until puppy returns to normal. If there is no improvement, contact your veterinarian.

Watch for any signs of diarrhea--this will cause puppy to dehydrate quickly. Stress, change of environment, changing food can cause this. Pedialyte is good to have on hand and may be given, also a bit of kaopectate should clear up the diarrhea.

Keep your SHIH TZU PUPPY warm and dry. They need plenty of quiet time and frequent naps, and should have their own space for napping, etc.

Please let me emphasize that hypoglycemia is not a disease or sickness nor is it genetic or inherited. Hypoglycemia is very common in puppies, especially shih tzu puppies and other small breeds, and is easily managed with proper care.

I trust this page is informative and will prove helpful should your shih tzu puppy become hypoglycemic.