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​This is just a brief look
into the life of our family.
Welcome ! 
God is the creator and I am the breeder
 of these fine Shih Tzu's you see on this website.
Let me introduce you to my human family.

We are the Ryals Family. My name is Shawn, my husband Todd, we have 3 sons, Caleb, Joshua & David. We live in Southeast Texas, out in the country on 5 acres in the small rural town of Warren, Texas. All 5 of us have accepted Jesus Christ as  Lord and Savior of our lives.  

I am Shawn, born in Waco, Texas. Mom of these 3 precious boys, married for 27 years to the finest husband in the world. First and foremost I am a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. I asked Christ into my heart at an early age. Had the privileged of growing up in a Pastor's home. I met and married a Godly man studying to become a pastor. I love the opportunity to be able to share Jesus with folks I meet along lives paths. To share my testimony with others. To see them follow in the path that God has prepared  specifically for them. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and would like to know more about Him.  I would be thrilled to share with you how you can know Him. 
I also am a small hobby breeder of these precious little fur babies. ​I love all animals, with horses and dogs being my favorite. My days are very busy, with  homeschooling my youngest, running my own Grooming & Boarding business here at our home, & raising these precious puppies as well.

​​Well, now a little about my family. 
My husband has served as Youth Pastor, Music Minister, & Interim Pastor at several of the Baptist churches we have attended over the past 24 years. Currently, God has placed my husband at the Gib Lewis State Prison where he is Senior Chaplin for the unit with over 2000 men, plus over 400 guards, and other employees. What an opportunity to minister to these souls that are in so much need of direction and Christ in their lives.

​​  We have 3 sons,

Caleb is 24. He just Graduated from East Texas Baptist University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Religion on Dec 19th, 2015. While enrolled at ETBU he served in multiple areas from  Student Government Association (all 4 years) Both as Senator & treasurer. He worked in the schools CARE program volunteering on the elementary campus mentoring students.Religion Department Sophomore of the Year, He attended FBC in Marshall his whole time in college. Caleb has gone on several International month long Mission Trips with IGO Global to Amsterdam/Holland and Amman Jordan. As well as two International Summer Study Abroad Trips with his College Professors One to the Holy Land, Israel. The 2nd to Italy Rome Paul's missionary journeys 
 To move on here on the home front, he has been serving as a Warren Volunteer Fireman for the past 6 years. His passion is firefighting. He is wanting to further his training with EMT certification and enroll with the Fire Academy, when God opens the doors. Currently he is seeking employment.

Joshua is 21. He is a 2nd semester Junior also attending East Texas Baptist University. His Major is a B. A. in Religion as well with an emphasis on Youth Pastor,  he is  involved  in Baptist Student Ministries,  weekly Bible Study groups on and off campus, Extremely involved with his church, God opened the door for him to minister in several churches. Learning different skills needed in ministering. He led worship on Sundays and Wednesdays at First Baptist Church Hallsville. He was the Representative to ETBU Campus for Mobberly Baptist Church in Marshall. The church plant off the Longview Campus.  God since has moved him to his current church in Marshall where he is playing the guitar again and singing specials for worship. 
Joshua plays the guitar and writes music. He also has been involved with Student Government as a Freshman Senator, Kids Club, BSM leader,  Religion Department Freshman of the Year,​ He served as RA (Resident Assistant) his Sophomore year. Joshua also has been on International Mission Trips with IGO Global to France. He will be going on the same International Summer Study Abroad Trip with his ETBU college professor  to Italy, Rome for his Urban Church History class to visit many of the cities the apostle Paul went on his missionary Journeys. He is currently raising the remainder of his funds for this trip. There is so much more I can't list it all. Both him and Caleb have been extremely involved at the campus and their churches. Serving in multiple ministries. 

David, is 16,  home schooled, very involved with our church, youth group (IMPACT), he plays the drums for our church worship band in our Sunday Morning Church services, he also, plays guitar and piano he sings in our Youth SPAM (Students Preforming Arts Ministries)choir. He has just joined Caleb as one of our local Warren Volunteer Junior Firemen.  David and I both went on an International Mission Trip with our Church (First Baptist Church of Woodville) to Peru summer of 2014. Where we both gave our testimonies, spoke in children s homes, churches, schools and out on the streets of Peru. David has attended Hot Hearts, Super Summer, Fuge summer camps. 

​​I am very blessed to have children who have surrendered their lives to God and to the ministry. They are serving God with their lives and I am so grateful. 


I am a Small Hobby Breeder that has a passion for the Shih Tzu breed and this shows in the quality of my adult dogs and  puppies. I make sure I spend lots of time with my Shih Tzus and their babies, making sure they are well cared for.

Time, Love and Care

As a Shih Tzu breeder, I strive to improve on the AKC Shih Tzu Standard as well has have top quality and integrity. "QUALITY".... being the care, love and time that we give to our puppies. We strive for only the best breeding confirmation that would improve on the breed standards AKC has. We raise puppies that are on the small end of the AKC standard as I prefer the 8 to 11lb Shih Tzu.  "INTEGRITY"....is doing everything within our power to be 100% honest, making sure our customers are fully satisfied. 
​All our Shih Tzu's and puppies are AKC registered. To see everything that comes with our puppies. Please visit our Adoption Information page. Our Shih Tzu puppies are raised with much Time, Love and Care.

Beautiful Unique Colors and Markings

We produce several of the unique colors of the Shih Tzu breed both in the solid and parti color non fading lines, from Chocolate Livers, Red and White Livers, Vibrant Reds, Black, Black and White, Gold, Gold and White and dark Brindle.
​We strive for puppies with nice perfect face mask, with short coby stocky bodies, flat noses, baby doll faces, open nostrils, high tail sets, thick plush coats, and excellent temperaments. 

Such a Big Part of Our Lives

We take great pleasure in having and enjoying our Fur Babies. They are part of our daily lives. All our Shih Tzu momma's and puppies live in our home and are part of our every day life. 
It is very important to us that our puppies are well socialized. Therefore, we make sure plenty of time is spent with each one.
From the sounds of normal house activity, to outdoor grass, sun, cats, strangers picking them up,  driving in a vehicle or whatever is possible. Your puppy will experience as many things as possible preparing them for when they leave our little home. 

Look Around and Make Yourself at Home

We have provided links on our pages for you to be able to explore and obtain more information about us here at
R Texas Star Shih Tzus.

Our desire is to place our Shih Tzu puppies in homes with families that will give them the same love, care & time,that we have given them. We adopt out all our puppies as Pet Companions with Limited AKC registration, on a spay neuter contract, unless other arrangements are made for Full Registration.  We do offer Full Registration on some of our  puppies if we feel it is in the best interest of the puppy as well as the new owner. 
​We do not sell under any circumstances to puppy mills, or pet stores or anyone suspicious of these activities. Thank you again for visiting us at our home on the web.

May God Bless You!

Shawn Ryals

This was a fun picture to get.
​I had several litters of puppies at this time and was just swollowed up with love and kisses by these babies.